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Gabriel Tremblay is a young circus artist from Quebec who started doing circus in 2007, so at the age of 6. He then entered the circus school of Quebec, in a hight school circus program in 2016, then entered the professional program of this same establishment. He participated in a few events, such as the preview of Éric Salvail in 2018. 

Since he has been in the circus he has seen and done several disciplines. his primary disciplines are:

  • Tabletop acrobatics 

  • chinese pole 

And here are all the other skills he has:

  • Trampoline 

  • Temp-wall 

  • hoops diving 

  • Juggling 

  • Hand-to-hand (flyer) 

  • Hand to hand  (base) 

  • Icarian games (flyer)

  • Duo trapeze (base)

  • Swim, skate, bike 

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